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Privacy Policy

To protect the personal information of our clients is our primary goal. Our privacy policy discloses the information that Jujubling collects from customer/membership-based services while approaching our website, methods of collecting the information, using such information, and sharing such information with third parties. The user has to agree on the privacy policy before approaching the website.  Our privacy policy points reach out to both the "users" and "members" of our website.

Please Go Through Our Privacy Policy And The Information We Collect:

What Personal Information Does Jujubling Need?

Here, personal information refers to identifying and contacting or locating the person to whom the information pertains but does not limit name, email address, identification number, phone number, financial profiles, credit card information, fax number, and address.

  • To become a member of our website Jujubling collect basic personal information. Apart from this, when a user approaches the website, our system collects the computer's details, such as IP address. The users ensure that the IP address does not have any connection with personal information. 
  • No such service for the children is presented on the website. We ensure that - we don't collect your personal information from children or sell products to the children. 
  • We only collect the information if the user willing to provide it. The information you give to us, we considered personal information. If you change your given personal information please update.

The fundamental information Jujubling collect are:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Delivery Address

How Jujubling Use Your Collected Information?

Your collected information is used to communicate with you when necessary.

  • To make you aware of the news and offers that may benefit you or inform you if we are changing anything important website or terms to use the website. 
  • In the future, if you don't want to receive a message of this nature, please let us know with an email or contact us. 

Do We Share Your Collected Personal Information?

Jujubling did not share your given personal information with any outside company for marketing purposes.

The payments are adhered to by a third party that is set out in our privacy policy. Our third party is certified by major issuers.

For How Long We keep Your Information to Us?

Jujubling holds your given personal information as long as it is consistent with purpose. But on your request, we delete your personal information.

How We Use The Cookies?

Cookies are the small file present on your computer's hard disk for the purpose of recording.  It does not contain the information that identifies you but only helps us recognize when you are approaching the website and using the services.

Cookies can make your online shopping experience more coherent. For example - you can store your chosen item in a shopping cart. Moreover, cookies also make the payment process convenient and faster.

We use cookies to calculate certain statistics associated with the use of the website. This information includes:

  • Number of the user visits the website.
  • What is the average duration the user stay at website?